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What is Kerafusion?

Formulated specially for damaged, chemically treated and dry hair to elimate frizz and out of control curls.

As Keratin is infused into the hair, it penetrates deep into the damaged cuticle giving the hair a naturally straight look and leaving even the most porous hair silky, shiny and healthy.

Kerafusion provides a top quality look with results lasting approximately 4 months (depending on hair type, shampoo regimen & lifestyle: virgin hair lasts about 3 months.)

Kerafusion is one of today’s most innovative Keratin treatments. Keratin is an extremely strong protein in nails, skin and teeth. It makes for a great protectant in the hair, it is high in sulphur and amino acid cyctine, making it tough, insoluble and elastic.

It’s Fast – Kerafusion requires 1 stylist and about 1 1/2 to 3 hours.

Affordable – You will look fabulous at a reasonable price.

Amazing – the result speaks for itself! Kerafusion clients and stylists are extremely happy with the results!

Safe – It contains less than 1% formaldehyde and is OSHA and FDA approved.



Can the Kerafusion treatment be applied over the Japanese straightening system or any relaxer?

Yes, it’s 100% safe.

Is Kerafusion treatment a type of relaxer?

No, it is a treatment based on Keratin that eliminates frizz and out of control curls. This leaves even the most porous hair silky, shiny and healthy. It will not eliminate curls.

Should Kerafusion be applied before or after coloring and highlighting?

it is best to schedule color and highlight appointments before or on the same day as the treatment. It works as a great supplement to protein lost in the hair during the highlighting process.

Can Kerafusion be applied to virgin hair?

Yes. However, the treatment will not last as long as chemically treated hair.

Can the treatment be applied on children, if so, what age?

Yes, we recommend on children 12 and over.

How long should i wait to wash, pin or tie up my hair after applying Kerafusion?

You should wait about 24 hours.

If my hair gets wet within the first 24 hours, what should I do?

Blow dry and flat iron immediately. No swimming within 24 hours of the treatment.

How long will Kerafusion last on my hair?

Kerafusion will last about 3 months on virgin hair and about 4 months on chemically treated hair.

What shampoo is best to use after the Kerafusion treatment?

Your stylist will recommend a sulfate-free Paul Mitchell Shampoo.

On the next scheduled visit, will I just get a touch-up or will the whole head have to be done?

the treatment will be applied to the whole head as before.

Can Kerafusion be done every month?

Yes, but only if necessary.

Should I cut my hair before the treatment?

We strongly recommend cutting the hair after Kerafusion treatment is completed.

Can I use any hair products on my hair during the first 24 hours?


If for any reason ridges appear in my hair with the first 24 hours, what should I do?

We recommend using a blow dryer or flat iron to straighten the hair immediately.

Can Kerafusion be done while pregnant?

Not while pregnant or nursing.

Can infants be present while Kerafusion is being applied?

Infants should not be present, the smell may be irritating to them.

How much does the service cost?

Price based upon consultation.



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