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Lash Extensions

  • Process that adheres an individual lash extension to your natural lash, creating a naturally voluminzed eyelash appearance. Lash extensions mimic the appearance of your natural lash with mascara on, but diminish the hassle of daily application and clean up. Lash extensions accentuate your eyes by giving a more full and lush appearance. They're also long-lasting compared to any water-proof mascara, go to the beach, the gym, or watch a sad movie, and count on your lashes still being intact. 


Full Set: $220.00/up

ReLash: $110/up



  • As every industry eventually improves technology wise or mechanically, the beauty industry is no different. A new option to the traditional lash extension is the Groove lash extension.Similar to the application process and benefits of regular lash extensions, the groove lash extension has a notch taken out at the adhered end which makes the extension 30% lighter! This is a way to get the extra length and volume with less stress on your natural lash!


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